The Telkwa Hall Rum Punch

I first learned about this punch at my cousin’s wedding in 1960. My mother and two uncles, one of them the bride’s father, began making the punch early on the day of the wedding.

While under the influence of taste testing, my mother, who was the official organ player in our church, played so enthusiastically that my uncle had to march his daughter down the aisle in polka time. Later in the evening my cousin, the bride’s younger brother, mistakenly drank a couple of large glasses of the punch before folks realized what he was doing. Too late. The Telkwa Hall was in full swing, and so was my cousin. Needless to say, the punch became and remains a big hit with young and old!

What’s in it?

A large block of ice
3 bottles dark rum
1 bottle port wine
2 large cans pineapple juice
2 large cans orange juice
1 large bottle Lime Rickey (Carried in most supermarkets)
6 large bottles of Canada Dry ginger ale
Slices from 1 Orange, 1 lemon and 1 lime
Plus 2 large bottles of Canada Dry ginger ale (8 bottles in total)

Here’s how you do it …

Pour all ingredients over the block of ice. Decorate with fruit slices.

Let stand two hours before serving.

Add 2 more bottles of Canada Dry just before the guests arrive.

You’ll need a large punch bowl or stone canning jar

From kitchen to table

Serves 75 – 100, at two drinks per person. That is unless my cousin hears about your party. This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled, and then some.


The next day, our family cleanup crew found one of the punch bowls with about a gallon of punch at the bottom. A lot of dancing and singing took place during the cleanup, probably because the group was still half swacked from the night before.