You can take the girl out of the North, but you can’t take the North out of the girl. Who would want to?

Margo Bates was born and raised in British Columbia’s Pacific Northwest. She lived there until she was in her late twenties and her quick wit and an unusual turn of phrase capture that distinct Northern voice.

An experienced public speaker, Margo is a natural. Interviewers find her entertaining, engaging, and easy to talk to. As a publicist for more years than she wants to count, she understands the media’s needs. She knows when to keep the chat going and when to let the story tell itself.

Margo got her start as a public speaker in grade six. She generated her first review by throwing some humour into the script when narrating her school’s Christmas Pageant. Following the show, the principal said, “Margo is destined for something … probably a detention.” Since then, she’s continued as a keynote speaker, emcee, and host of public and private events.

A traveler, photographer, gourmet cook and author of fiction, non-fiction and cookbooks, Margo also conducts workshops for writers in fiction and humor writing, research techniques for fiction and non-fiction, publicity and social media marketing.

Margo is a professional member of the Canadian Authors Association and is past president of the Metro Vancouver branch. She served nationally as the vice-chair. She’s an alumna of the Erma Bombeck Humour Writers’ Workshop, University of Dayton, Ohio.

She lives in a seaside town near Vancouver, Canada.