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Workshop Participant's Needs - What do the participants wish to get out of the workshop, and what are they working on?

Hands-on means that each participant gets to develop their own story, while Margo uses her story PS Don't Tell Your Mother as an example.

Research - Why it's important, and how Mind Mapping can help a writer quickly get their points on paper.

Mind Mapping was invented by Tony Buzan in the 1960s - It's a quick, easy, and colourful way to connect ideas, thoughts, and images.

Process - How does one do research? Set realistic goals, budgets, timelines and evaluate as you go along.

Genre - What genre, and what era? Why research is important for writing in all genres.

Ideas - Help to form the story. Is one idea enough for a book, poem, short story, novella, essay, article or a Tweet?

Experience - A variety of ways to experience your research: live it, talk to someone who was 'there' or create your own world and live in it. (For a while ... though you'll have to come back for the book launch.)

Story Line - How straight is the storyline? Events - Important, interesting, incidental, in the waste basket? Knowing the difference.

Characters - Writing what they look like is one thing. Writing what they are like is ... hard work. In what way do they react to a positive or negative situation? Become close friends with your characters. You'll get to know them, for better or for worse.

Story Outcome - Then what happened? Is it really the end?




TWS Community Workshops: Research for Fiction and Non-Fiction with Margo Bates

SFU The Writer's Studio Community Workshop: Research for Fiction and Non-Fiction. Location: SFU Vancouver Campus, Harbour Centre Date and Time: Sat Jan 13, 2018 from 10 am to 1 pm Cost: $30 read more...

Pitching Your Story - Wed Jan 10 at Canadian Authors-Metro Vancouver

How do you balance the need to convey the essence of a story with the need to avoid bogging down in detail? Margo will show writers how to make the most of a ten-minute pitch session. read more...

Workshops & Speaking Engagements

Margo speaks to groups and students on a variety of topics. She's developed these workshops for authors: It's All About YOU - Marketing yourself and your work, Research - The key to writing fiction and non-fiction. What a Character! Humour Writing and Sto read more...

Book Clubs

Margo speaks to Book Clubs in person or via Skype. read more...

Review on PS Don't Tell Your Mother by Kathleen Schmitt

Anyone ... gets the real picture [of life in a small town] in this story of the petty quarrels, competitions, and surprising human tenderness that reveal the way life flows with lots of ripples in Telkwa BC. ... Fun and easy to read ... read more...

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