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She stands so straight and looks right at you with her sky blue eyes. When she talks to you, she expects that you will listen and then have a good chat. I pity that Jehovah. He doesn’t understand that Nana is very sweet. In her own way. At least she’s nice to me and the rest of our family. She does have a way of raising one eyebrow so slightly that if you aren’t really watching you know something happened, but can’t put your finger on it. Dad says it’s Nana’s presence that scares the crap out of the best of men. Grandad won the prize for best man, then. He won’t put up with much crap from Nana. That’s why she spreads it around town instead. 
Maggie Mulvaney, in an excerpt from P.S. Don't Tell Your Mother by Margo Bates


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P.S. Don't Tell Your Mother a story of love, tolerance and lessons learned between a 13-year-old girl and her Irish-Canadian Nana

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Review on PS Don't Tell Your Mother by Kathleen Schmitt

Anyone ... gets the real picture [of life in a small town] in this story of the petty quarrels, competitions, and surprising human tenderness that reveal the way life flows with lots of ripples in Telkwa BC. ... Fun and easy to read ... read more...

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